On May 24th, my cart died as I was exiting the fairway on the 4th hole. Turned out I’d run over a stick on the way off the fairway and it had lodged itself in the undercarriage and managed to break a wire. When I talked to Carolina Carriage on Wednesday, the question involved one of the tires on the cart that had been losing air…Good call! The cart was returned to me on Thursday, and it looked pristine. No dirt, upholstery clean, floor mat with no debris. The guy confirmed that they had also completely cleaned the cart, in addition to replacing the wire. And the bill for all this effort? $99.00. I’ve spent my career in sales and appreciate good customer service. So when it comes time to consider a new cart in the not so distant future, I’ll be heading to Carolina Carriage.

-- T. R.

Hey Clarke, Thanks for all your help. We bought our first cart in 2007 and have annual service each year and all our dealings with Carolina Carriage have been great.

-- J. P.
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