Q: Do I need an Electric or Gas powered golf cart?

A: Most golf courses in the Sandhills region require private cart owners to have electric. However, it is more economical to operate a gas cart over the long run. If your terrain is hilly and will be operating your cart most of the day, gas might be a better option.

Q:  How often do I need to purchase a new battery for my golf cart?

A: Properly maintained 48 volt systems have output of 20,000 energy units, about 1,000 rounds of golf. Experience tells us that very active golfers can expect 4-5 years before new batteries are warranted and non-golf applications, which are easier on batteries, can expect 5-6 years.

Q: How long does it take to charge a set of batteries?

A: Overnight (8-10 hours)

Q: How long will my cart run on a full charge?

A: Battery run time (discharge) is affected by age, use and maintenance. New Trojan T-875 batteries are advertised to have 117 minutes at capacity. Keep in mind a typical round of golf is 25 minutes of run time. However, as the battery ages, how much use it gets and how well it’s maintained will affect its run time.

Q: How often should I have my cart serviced by a technician?

A: The Manufacturer’s suggest every 6 months, but we recommend once a year.

Q: What kind of maintenance should I do myself?

A: Electric carts – check the water once a month and fill when necessary. If using a single point watering system (SPWS), visually check the water levels 2-3 times a year. The SPWS’s might be compromised over time.